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Create your own Surabhaya-like Virus

Create your own Surabhaya - Like virus in easy steps and also disable the surabhay window.
Hello Freinds.Many of you may have faced the dreadful virus named - Surabhaya.Even if you don't let me tell you that this virus gives a popup window before loggingin your user account whre it tries to horrify you that your computer is attacked gives you [zamane bhar ka tension]Now whats catching here is that i have found a way in which you can create the same window surabhaya pops up with your own text and title and may be disable that window surabhaya displays. You need not have any good technical knowledge but follow my easy steps as i say- WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME U CERTAINLY ROCK
Don't try to act smart with my steps, follow them the way they are written otherwise you may kill your computer,
Follow these simple steps :
> Right Click on start menu > Open all users > Programs> Administrative Tools> Local Security policiy
When you double-click on Local Security Policy a window appears titled - LOCAL SECURITY SETTINGS
The window looks like this(fig. 1):
It has two panes.on the Left pane select - SECURITY OPTIONS under Local Policies
Then look in the left pane for - ""Interactive Logon: Message text for users attemting to log on""DOUBLE Click on this option. The window shown in fig. 2 appears.
You can write anything in this window you wish to show to the users before logging on.To give title to the window which should appear before logging on click on the option in the right pane just belowthe optio we clicked click on ""Message Title for users attempting to log on""
I have few more articles based on creating your own Virus like - How to kiss a woman( its a batch file virus ), Folder Virus AD5D90 etc. Look in my blog for these articles.
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